Going into my 11th week without eating

Am I complaining? NO! – I am still alive. I have spent four weeks in the hospital with discovery and four weeks at home, recovering. The rule for me is no swallowing since what I swallow may go into my lungs instead of my stomach. I am given water, medications and nutrition directly from a liquid in

The Walkerton Legion is still here

Despite Legion branches across the province being closed due to the current COVID directives, our Service Officers are still available to help.

The dirty business of coming clean

Now that I’ve scared off 96 (100?) per cent of my readers, I have to come clean on something. Pun heavily intended. The night of Friday, Jan. 14 marked my first shower of 2022. Not out of choice really, more a representation of present circumstances.

Finding veteran burials requires detective work

You may remember last summer a small committee of volunteers placed poppy rocks on the veteran graves, which Clarence Keiffer located in Walkerton Cemetery and Calvary Cemetery.

HOPE REFLECTED | More salt, please!

A multi-functional mineral, salt comes in different forms and is used for many different purposes. From preserving and flavouring food to home health remedies, salt has been used for thousands of years.

Calculating the incalcuable – Part II

In our house we eat a lot of bananas. They are cheap, nutritious, and easy to handle for young children. With the glaring exception of the potato chip aisle, we do our best to shop the outside of the grocery store.

New Millennium Quilters Guild December meeting  

On Dec. 15, the New Millennium Quilters Guild (NMQG), in collaboration with the Bluewater Quilters Guild (Owen Sound), viewed a beautiful “Show and Share” presentation of various quilts and quilting projects made by members of both guilds.