Origins of St. Patrick’s Day, local and abroad

On Friday we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Traditionally, many wear green to participate in the festivities. Although St. Patrick actually wore blue, the colour green was adopted during a series of Irish rebellions in the eighteenth century in order to gain independence from England. The colour stuck

Valentine’s Day and the Stratford YWCA

On Feb. 18, 1927 the Stratford Mirror newspaper had a short article about a fundraising event for the city’s Young Women’s Christian Association – “The annual tea and home baking sale under the auspices of the board of directors of the YWCA was held in the beautiful home of Mrs. R. I. Whitman, 90 Wi

‘Everyone needs a hobby’

With winter upon us it is important to ensure that we are engaging our minds and keeping busy. Hobbies make us more interesting and provide a healthy outlet for various energies. Finding time in your day to do something you enjoy doing can reduce negative stress while promoting creativity.