‘Cookies for War-Time’

In January 1918, Canada was still at war. Those with loved ones overseas would frequently send handwritten correspondence or small care packages. Sons, fathers, brothers, uncles, and cousins would appreciate any small offering that made its way though the mail. Things like wool mittens and socks, ci

What can the Stratford-Perth Archives do for you?

Recognizing that what happens at Stratford-Perth Archives can seem a little mysterious, we thought we’d start the new year by answering some questions about ourselves. Though, like Lily in Toronto, who sent this lovely postcard to her friend in Sebringville on Dec. 31, 1907, we also want to wish eve

Still time for Christmas pudding

While often prepared around the end of November and set aside to let the flavour develop until Christmas, it’s not too late to prepare a steamed pudding for your holiday gathering. You don’t need special equipment – a large pot, a bowl that can withstand being set in a pot of boiling water and some

Historical cold weather tips to car owners

With the cold and snowy weather upon us, here are some suggestions for car owners on how to secure maximum efficiency from their vehicles in the winter months. Although please keep in mind that the advice in this article comes to us from over a century ago as it appeared in the Nov. 30, 1922 issue o