There’s a crossroads a-comin’

Loosely keeping up with my theme of commentaries on historical vessel tragedies as of late, my fourth instalment on the subject will be of a slightly different variety this week.

No Ace of Spades yet

Last Sunday, the Walkerton Legion restarted the Catch the Ace Draw with a jackpot sitting at $10,211. Since President Rose is not allowed to buy tickets, she rolled the basket and pulled out a ticket purchased by Kellie O’Hagan of Walkerton.

Transformation begins with struggle

I recently learned that when a butterfly is struggling to get out of the cocoon and you cut the cocoon, or in some way try to help it out, the butterfly dies. It has to be left to struggle because the struggle to escape the cocoon forces blood into its wings so it can spread them and be able to fly.

Hands on future

The fingerprints of those who serve their community long outlast an earthly life. Service of community is not constrained by geography or population, by amount given or time sacrificed.