Just answer the damn question

As journalists, we have thick skin. It’s necessary in this line of work; it is our job to ask questions, sometimes tough and uncomfortable, in an effort to tell a complete, factual story.

Top tips for keeping coughs, colds at bay

Since the pandemic began, germs have become a top-of-mind concern for many Canadians. Common symptoms we might have ignored pre-pandemic – like a sore throat, sniffles or cough – are no longer simply a minor nuisance.

Unshakeable Kingdom Community

“The Voice that spoke chaos into order, speaks to us. He calls chaos into order into each of our own lives. We live in a world that confuses us and distracts us. We fill our lives with clutter and focus our attention on things that tell us they will bring full life, but never can fulfill it” (Projec

Busy weekend at the Walkerton Legion

The lounge was a-buzzing on the weekend with a full slate of activities. Bright and early on a great sunny fall Saturday morning, 48 golfers teed off at the Doug Hewitson Memorial Golf Tournament. 

The Ace of Spades is still hiding

Get your $5 weekly tickets for Walkerton’s Catch the Ace while they last! Don’t miss out on a chance to be the big winner; the jackpot should be about $16,500 this Sunday. Sherry Siegfried of Formosa won the $756 weekly prize when her lucky ticket was drawn last week. She chose envelope No. 21, whic

A new research project for neurogenerative diseases

In a recent column, I explained what I am doing to slow down my progress from Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) to a worse dementia. I am trying to follow my own recommendations but adhering to my “Seven Pillars to a Good Life” is easier said than done. Apparently, my disease is called a Neurodegenera

Pandemic lessons and the test to come

There is no doubt our society has had a lesson from the pandemic. It has revealed societies’ structural problems. We have encountered issues of poverty, racism, abuse of power, health care, and housing problems. The list goes on.

Seeing life through their lens

One of the aspects I enjoy most about the Village is when volunteers share with me a moment they have experienced with a community member. Most often, these moments have impacted the volunteer and presented a rare opportunity to be present with someone and to see life through that person’s lens.

Immigration, the forgotten issue

While the major political parties have been busy trying to promise their way into government, sadly no one is talking about the most important economic issue facing Canada today, a severe shortage of labour. It does not matter what industry – white collar, blue collar, or jobs where you don’t need a