The news is out

If you want to know what has been going on behind the scenes at the Walkerton Legion over the past few months, pick up a copy of the Walkerton Legion Newsletter. Members will have received a copy by email or by mail, depending on their preference.

In 2019, Piper stepped on the gas

I’d say it’s rather appropriate how differently my two tykes came into the world. It only further verifies how very different they are from each other through their early formative years so far.

Don’t give up

It all started with a life isn’t going my way fit. Maybe you’ve witnessed one of these fits lately or maybe you’ve had one yourself. No judgment here; life doesn’t seem to be going the way most people would prefer it to these days, and regardless of age, we all have fits now and again.

The veterans’ banners are in

It was a beautiful sight in the Legion Hall last Sunday – 48 veteran banners on display. Many relatives took the opportunity to have a picture taken with their banner. There were so many banners that there were no more tables left and we had to use the stage. Some very familiar names were present –

Change your mind

If you look at your life today and then reflect back to 10 years ago, three years ago, even one year ago, one common thread will be that not much is the same. Everyone is older. Not everyone who was once here is still here. There are new jobs, new homes, new loved ones, new wrinkles and maybe even a

Comfort with Christ in the boat

As those who live near the Great Lakes, we know how quickly storms can arise, turning the once brilliant sky into a dark, stormy horizon. The Sea of Galilee is the same way, and it made even the most experienced of fisherman fearful for their lives.

The tunnel vision of exclusion

The warm summer days are fast becoming extinct and it won’t be long now until the snow flies and we are caught in the grip of another winter. The most isolating season for Canadians to endure, complete with long dark nights, polar vortexes, and closed roads.