Purple scarves a symbol of courage

People may have noticed more purple scarves than usual lately. November is Woman Abuse Prevention Month, and the purple scarf is the symbol of the courage it takes a woman to leave her abuser.

Time to stop the applause

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that a comedian did not violate Quebec Charter rights regarding free speech by mocking disabled child singer Jérémy Gabriel for years.

Time for government to take action

A strange thing happened on the way to getting control over the COVID-19 pandemic – local businesses and community organizations started stepping in where senior levels of government feared to tread.

Know your enemy

We are tired of COVID-19 – not just the illness and fear that has accompanied it, and not just the measures aimed at preventing its spread. We are also tired of the way this ongoing health emergency has become politicized, and weaponized.

Making a plea for fighting fair in the election campaign

This week thousands of local children headed back to school, most eager to spend time with friends they may not have seen for over a year, and relieved to be getting back to something approaching normal – reading and writing, math, science, art, music geography, history and civics.