Where has Christmas gone?

A space alien visiting Earth this time of year would probably be wondering what happened to the celebration pictured on those Currier and Ives greeting cards.

Everyone can win this one

It has often been said that no one wins a strike. Union workers never make up for the pay they lose when out on the picket line, management cannot do business, and both sides lose good working relationships and even friendships. Then there is the collateral damage.

Don’t shoot the messenger

Sometimes a story appears in the press that takes an unpopular stand, or paints a person, organization or business in an unflattering light. Sometimes information is revealed on the front page or 6 p.m. news that someone finds embarrassing, annoying or possibly incriminating.

God willing and the creek don’t rise

The name Fiona will long be remembered whenever storm clouds gather, the wind rises, and creatures great and small head for high ground. At least in the eastern part of this country, Fiona was the storm that finally convinced climate change deniers that something real and dangerous is going on, and