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Wordofa encourages residents to roll up their sleeves, get vaccinated

Gezahgn Wordofa, the founder of the Multicultural Association of Perth-Huron, rolls up his sleeve to proudly prove he has received his COVID-19 vaccination. (Colin Burrowes Photo)

PERTH COUNTY – Gezahgn Wordofa, the founder of the Multicultural Association of Perth-Huron, wanted to roll up his sleeve and prove he has put his arm where his mouth is and let everybody know that he isn’t just out there asking everyone else to get vaccinated. He took a shot of his own on May 28.

He is sharing a message of encouragement with everyone eligible to get their vaccine so that people can get back to the gatherings and celebrations they want to have, sooner than later.

“I was worried for myself,” said Wordofa. “It is very difficult for me to convince (some people). I still have a problem. We are giving rides. We are busy.”

The Multicultural Association has had a very busy year despite the pandemic, or perhaps, because of the pandemic. Wordofa and the other volunteers have been passing out masks and other personal protective equipment, food, toiletries and driving people in need to appointments, COVID tests and vaccination centres.

Although they have been following Public Health recommendations he always knew there was a risk of contracting COVID.

“I was worried whether I will get sick or not because when I am working with the people and I have to go running around the region,” said Wordofa. “Then I’m worried that I’ll go back to my family. Could my son get sick? Could my wife get sick?”

He was very happy to finally have the opportunity to receive the vaccine.

“I am very excited and I encourage newcomers in the region, they have to follow this,” said Wordofa. “It is very important.”

The Multicultural Association offers free rides to vaccination appointments. To book a ride call 1-888-910-1583.

Colin Burrowes is a Local Journalism Initiative Reporter with the Listowel Banner. The Local Journalism Initiative is funded by the Government of Canada.