Walkerton resident wins Drayton Entertainment’s Ultimate 50/50 draw

Paul Keip from Walkerton got a surprising fall windfall! Keip was the lucky winner of Drayton Entertainment’s September Ultimate 50/50 draw taking home a final jackpot of $74,820.

“I still think it’s a dream,” said Keip. “Artistic Director Alex Mustakas left a message right after the draw on Friday, but we were out, and the light on our answering machine didn’t come on – so we didn’t actually notice that we had a message until the next morning! As soon as I got his message, I hopped on my tablet to check the winning number … and it was mine. I called Alex back and he confirmed that I was the winner. It was all pretty exciting!”

Keip is not exactly sure how he will spend his winnings yet, but he indicated that he has lots of things on his list to fix up around the house.