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Walkerton and District Food Bank ‘thrilled’ with donations received during week-long food drive

Dianne Waram (right), manager at the Walkerton and District Food Bank, was joined by Dave and Margaret Bradley at Kaufman’s Valu-mart on Dec. 6 to assist in loading the CKNX Relief Truck with donations from the community. (Mike Wilson Photo)

WALKERTON – Officials with the Walkerton and District Food Bank are calling this year’s holiday food drive a success.

For eight days, from Nov. 29 to Dec. 6, the CKNX Relief Truck was parked at Kaufman’s Valu-mart for shoppers to stock with donations. The goal was to fill the truck, and the community blew those expectations out of the water.

“This will be the second truck we’ve filled,” said Dianne Waram, manager of the Walkerton and District Food Bank.

In addition to the truck parked in Kaufman’s parking lot, donations were also being collected at Foodland in Walkerton and Mildmay Freshmart.

The two truckloads of donations were just from shoppers at Valu-mart.

Waram said she is thrilled with the support from the community during this year’s CKNX Relief Truck food drive.

“We weren’t sure how it would go – this was our first year participating in it – but we’ve been thrilled with the donations we’ve received,” said Waram on Dec. 6 at Kaufman’s Valu-mart. “This gives us a good start for next year.”

In addition to the goods being collected, cash donations and “skid” donations were also accepted.

A skid donation, which cost $250, allowed interested parties to donate a skid’s worth of goods to the food bank. Waram said quite a few of those donations were made as well.

“It’s a huge commitment to do that,” she said. “It’s huge from a business standpoint to sponsor a skid, but also for the stores to put together a skid of goods for donation. It takes a lot of work to put those together.”

Waram said the community played a large role in the success of the drive. Each day had a theme where volunteers from different community groups or organizations gave their time to help load the truck and accept donations. Waram said each store had four volunteers there per day, totaling nearly 100 volunteers for the eight-day period.

And that isn’t including the volunteers back at the Food Bank who were stocking shelves.

“We’ve been fortunate and have had no trouble finding volunteers, getting the vehicles we needed, and having the stores come on board to support the drive,” said Waram. “It certainly is a community effort to maintain the Food Bank. We couldn’t do it without the donations from the community.”

The Walkerton and District Food Bank serves clients from Walkerton, Cargill, Chepstow, Formosa, Mildmay, Riversdale, Teeswater and surrounding areas.

Waram said that in 2018, 140 Christmas Hampers were distributed by the Food Bank and she expects a similar number to be distributed again this year.

Donations from the drive last week will help fill those hampers, as will other donations received throughout the month.

At the present moment, Waram said that the Food Bank is in need of monetary donations, which will allow them to purchase necessary items that are often overlooked by donors and items that are in short supply on their shelves.

The Walkerton and District Food Bank accepts donations year-round, and issues charitable receipts for donations.

For more information about the Food Bank, call 519-881-0168 or email walkertonfoodbank@gmail.com.