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Tips on how to look after your wife

There is an article being posted all over the Internet and social media that is called “Tips to look after your husband.” It is apparently taken from a 1950 Home Economics book and it’s pretty crazy to think about how much has changed in 67 years. The article talks about having dinner ready for your husband when he comes home, preparing yourself to look freshly made up, keeping the house clean, having the children look presentable, and other things along that line. I think it’s safe to assume that every modern woman would find this either hilarious or infuriating. I think it’s also safe to assume that there was no article written called “Tips to look after your wife.” So I thought I would do my part and fill in the missing piece.

Love whatever she puts in front of you. If you are lucky enough that your wife cooks for you and has dinner ready when you get home, then enjoy whatever is on that plate. Don’t complain when she brings home takeout or doesn’t have time to cook a proper meal so you are eating breakfast foods for supper. In fact, surprise her once in awhile by cooking for her.

Love yourself. In the original article, it talks about the wife making sure she looks fresh and takes time to look nice. I think this goes both ways. Not because you owe your partner anything, but because you owe yourself. Never let the pressures of daily life get the best of you and you forget to take some time to yourself. We all need to show ourselves a little more love so we can love others better.

Pick up your stuff. This is everyone’s job who lives in the same house. If you get something out, you put it away. Your wife is not your maid and a grown adult is fully capable of cleaning up after him or herself. Do the dishes, vacuum, and help with the laundry. There is nothing more appealing than an independent man.

Take time with your children. If you have kids, spend time with them. They will be better people because you showed you cared. And there will be a lot fewer girls out in the world with ‘daddy issues.’

Listen to your wife. We all have problems and complaints in our lives. All your wife wants is you to listen and support her. Don’t offer advice unless she asks. It is not your job to fix her problems.

Also, put up the toilet seat.

But, of course take this advice with a grain of salt because I’m not married.