The work of the Legion has not stopped

Remembrance Day is behind us, but the work of caring for our veterans continues all year round, both locally and across the country.

Thanks to the hard work of Walkerton Legion volunteers and the generosity of residents, the local Poppy Fund is in good shape. Some last-minute donations and payments for wreaths are still being received, so we can’t announce a total for this year just yet.

The poppy canvassers were discussing the campaign and how in previous years we felt almost invisible to some of the passersby. However, this year there was a positive response was from both young and old. Some people gave larger donations of folded-up $5 or $20 bills; sometimes those you least expected came up and emptied a double handful of change into the poppy box. And lots of people already had a poppy, but wanted to give more. The money raised during the poppy campaign is intended first to help our local veterans in need, but we have also helped another branch when their Poppy Fund wasn’t large enough to cover extraordinary expenses for the widow of a veteran.

Every year we support the Ontario Command Charitable Foundation, which in turn funds hospitals where our veterans go for treatment. Every year we contribute toward post-secondary bursaries for veterans, their children or grandchildren who might not otherwise be able to pay for books, or tuition or apprenticeship tools.

We also honour and remember our veterans all year round. Within the next few weeks the Branch Service Officer, Pete McGowan, and his volunteer team will be visiting Brucelea Haven, Maple Court and individual homes of veterans or their widows to bring greetings and a treat for Christmas. No matter whether they served during war or peacetime, or whether they are Legion members or not, the Service Officer can provide help for any veteran in need. He often refers veterans or family members to the Provincial Service Officers to process an application or appeal with Veterans Affairs.

In addition, anyone can contribute a veteran’s picture and story, free of charge, to the Military Service Recognition Book which comes out every year at this time. Ask to see the latest edition at the Legion.


Jan Briggs-McGowan is a member of the Walkerton Legion. Her column appears here weekly.


Jan Briggs-McGowan