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Stand up for what you believe in

One of my favourite all time songs is Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. I hope many of you out there would agree it’s a pretty catchy song. Even if you think it’s cheesy, you can’t help but sing or move along. This song comes on at the end of almost every night at the bar, wedding or other event. It sends people home in a good mood with the uplifting lyrics.

The lyrics of the song are simple but relatable. We can learn a lot from these lyrics.

“Just a small town girl”

As soon as the opening riff comes on, my mood is immediately elevated. The first words in the song sing out and you get hooked. You feel like the small town girl or city boy. I even recently bought a T-shirt that says “Just a Small Town Girl” on the front. I just had to have it. That’s my jam. I can really rock it out in the car, shower, dance floor or karaoke bar.

“Midnight train going anywhere”

I mean, how many times have you wanted to take a train going anywhere? Maybe not a midnight train. Travelling on the red eye is usually not ideal. But the idea of being able to take a train to anywhere you want to and leave it all behind is tempting. Trains are classy.

“Born and raised in South Detroit”

Then we come to the only problem with the song. Not many people know this, but the lyrics “born and raised in South Detroit” aren’t actually talking about a real place. There is no South Detroit. That would be Windsor. I don’t hold that against Journey though and neither should you.

“Living just to find emotion”

Aren’t we all doing that? Looking for love or some sort of passion in our lives. We listen to our head and our hearts.

“Some will win, some will lose”

Some were born to sing the blues. You just sang that in your head didn’t you? I told you, it’s catchy. We can’t win all the time and that’s life.

 “Don’t Stop Believin’”

As corny or cheesy as you may think it is, the message to never stop believing is a good one. Believe in your dreams, in your hopes and don’t you stop.

Now try getting that song out of your head all day.