Skate park proposed near Hensall arena

HENSALL — The Hensall Kinsmen want to put a skate park in Hensall, and they’ve already started raising money.

Bluewater municipal council received a delegation of Scott Harris, speaking on behalf of the Kinsmen, at a council meeting May 2.

Harris asked for council’s support in development of a skate park.

Harris referred to the Kinsmen as a group that can “make ideas a reality.”

“We have multiple fundraising events annually and continue to pour the proceeds back into our community. A small example would be the Hensall splashpad,” he said.

A budget for a skate park hasn’t been prepared yet, since it is too early in the planning stages, but Harris said the Kinsmen have already formed a committee to look after the project and they have begun investigating possible locations around the Hensall arena.

“We understand that there could be grant funding available for projects of this nature and will explore that avenue if needed. The Kinsmen have already begun to raise funds for this and are excited to  continue doing so, should this go forward,” he said.

Coun. Dave Roy was the only member who had any questions after the presentation, and he wanted to know what kind of maintenance would be involved in a skate park.

Harris assured him maintenance would be minimal, as the skate park is concrete.

“The maintenance would be minimum, just cutting grass,” he said.

Skate parks usually get tagged with graffiti, but Harris explained that was an expected aspect of a skate park, and that grafitti probably wouldn’t need to be cleaned up unless it is vulgar in nature.

“I think it’s well known, providing it’s not vulgar, the kids will make it their own,” he said.

Coun. Marnie Hill was quick to speak in favour of a skate park and moved Bluewater staff continue to work with the Kinsmen towards possible grant funding.

“I certainly support this initiative,” Hill said. “The Hensall Kinsmen, they’re right, they can get things done.”

The Hensall Kinsmen opened the Hensall splash pad in 2014 with the group raising $116,000 by that time.

The Kinsmen do a number of fundraisers each year, including  their annual November Steak Night, as well as buck and does, golf and baseball tournaments, fun nights and firewood sales.