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Site plan amendment adds car wash to Wingham development

A site plan amendment for the development on Kerr Drive, located between the North Huron Wescast Community Complex and Tim Hortons, has added a car wash to the proposed business. Other plans include a gas station, restaurant and convenience store. (Andrew Smith Photo)

WINGHAM – A recent site plan amendment discussed by North Huron council has shed some light on a Kerr Drive development, but some details remain unknown.

Council met on Dec. 16 to discuss the site plan application by KRS Holdings Inc. regarding the development in progress on 82 Kerr Drive, between the North Huron Wescast Community Complex and Tim Hortons. Planner Monica Walker-Bolton spoke to the reason for the site plan amendment, which would add a car wash to the location.

“The car wash is the last unit being added, that’s the major change from the last site plan that was approved,” Walker-Bolton said.

The original site plan for the development included a gas station, convenience store and a drive-thru restaurant, but Walker-Bolton said plans have changed to remove the drive thru lane, making the restaurant dine-in only. Details around the planned branding for the gas station and restaurant were unknown by Walker-Bolton.

Deputy Reeve Trevor Seip cautioned council on the development trend in the municipality, with the number of gas stations in Wingham growing to at least five based on developments in progress.

“We have an abundance of gas stations, and I would argue that we’re now going to have an abundance of car washes in the municipality, at least in the Wingham ward,” Seip said. “I think we just need to be cognizant of that, if any of these businesses cease to exist… it’s going to be hard to re-purpose those buildings.”

North Huron council approved the the site plan amendment for the proposed development of a gas bar, store, restaurant and car wash.