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Sightings on the side of the road

When you grow up in a rural area, you get used to driving everywhere. “Going into town” becomes an outing for you because you don’t want to forget anything and have to make the trip more than once. You get used to having a longer commute and spending a large chunk of your day in your car. If you’re anything like me, it looks like you live in your car, because some days it feels like you do.

When you drive to a lot of different places like me, you see some odd things while on the road. There have been numerous times I have spotted a minivan quickly pulling to the side and the doors opening before it’s even fully stopped. You can bet that this is more often than not a kid who didn’t go to the bathroom before they left the house. But sometimes when you see a van pull over fast it might just be an impromptu dance party — likely some bachelorette fun.

Driving through heavy traffic is never fun but the people watching can be entertaining at least. Your vehicle is often sort of a second home when you drive a lot. This is probably the reason I’ve seen women putting their makeup on, changing their clothes and even brushing their teeth. And they say texting isn’t safe.

The most recent strange sighting on the side of the road was just the other day. As I was leaving London early in the morning, I could see two cop cars pulled over into a driveway and the police officers were talking to the homeowners on their porch. As I drove by, a man emerged from the deep ditch dressed in camouflage and a painted face. When you see something like this your mind immediately goes to the worst-case scenario. I still don’t know what was happening there but it was definitely one of the weirdest drive-by moments for me.

One of the most dumbfounding things that you see more often than you should on the side of the road is one shoe. How a person loses just one shoe will always be a mystery to me. How did it get there and what was that person doing? I guess we will never know the whole story.