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Science says it’s good for you

It seems like scientists are constantly on the search for benefits in our lives for the guilty pleasures. You read titles about how dark chocolate, red wine or coffee is actually good for us so we shouldn’t feel guilty about indulging. The truth is, everything in moderation can’t be a bad thing. Of course if we splurge too often on our vices it can’t be good for us. But, I don’t need a science journal article to tell me I can drink coffee.

I started drinking coffee in university. Between classes waiting around there wasn’t a lot much else to do except stand in line at the Tim Hortons and grab a steaming cup of Joe. It helped pass the time a lot quicker and kept you awake during your late night or early morning boring lectures. Of course, like most, I started my coffee affair drinking double doubles. Again, I didn’t need a health magazine to tell me that drinking heavy cream, sugar and caffeine on the regular was bad for my health.

Slowly, I weaned myself away from my double double coffees and can now drink them without sugar or cream. I can also even go a whole day without one if need be. In the past, I have to admit I really craved the caffeine and would sometimes even get a headache when I didn’t have a coffee that day. Not a very healthy habit.

As long as you’re not addicted to coffee, there are so many reasons to love it. It’s a social drink. People meet everyday for coffee dates and retirees flock to their local coffee shops to catch up on the latest news and gossip. On the weekend you chat with your friends or family over a cup of coffee. There is just something about it that brings people together.

On cold days there is such a comfort to coffee streaming down your throat keeping you warm and cozy. The smell of the coffee brewing in the morning is by far one of my favourite smells. It helps you get out of bed too.

Plus there are so many cute mugs or signs with kitschy sayings on them like “But first coffee” or “Life Happens, Coffee Helps.”

Coffee can make road trips more bearable and definitely helps pass the time at work. Even when you have to reheat your coffee two or three times a day before you actually finish it. I’m not a quitter.