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Palmerston pair offering shut-ins help with errands and shopping

Doug and Maureen Sargent are offering to help with errands and shopping for local residents who can’t get out due to COVID-19 restrictions. (Patrick Raftis Photo)

By Patrick Raftis

PALMERSTON – A local couple are among those looking to help others during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

Palmerston residents Doug and Maureen Sargent are offering to run errands such as trips to the grocery store or other businesses to pick up items for anyone who stranded by the current situation.

“We know that it may be difficult for some folks to get out these days to get some groceries or other essential items … We would be happy to run some short errands for you to pick up some things that you might be running short of, or things you need for day-to-day living,” the Sargents offer in a letter to the community.

“We’ve got our health, so we want to do what we can for others,” said Doug, who noted the idea began with the couple’s church. They attend St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Fergus, where the congregation is offering to perform similar services for anyone in need of help.

The Sargents are encouraging anyone who needs help with errands to contact them at 519-417-4421, or by cell at 519-807-2238.

“When we deliver your items, we can meet you at the door, being sure to keep the appropriate physical distance to keep everyone safe,” they note.

“Please be assured that this is not a service for hire! We just want to know that our neighbours in Palmerston and area are OK and have the things they need. You will cover the expense of your items, but nothing more,” they state.