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NWMO reopens Learn More Centre in Teeswater

(Photo courtesy NWMO)

SOUTH BRUCE – The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) reopened the Learn More Centre in Teeswater to the public this week.

The Learn More Centre at 12B Clinton St. is one of two operated by the NWMO. The other location is in Ignace and also reopened to the public this week.

The NWMO says the Learn More Centres are designed to support increasingly detailed studies and ongoing learning about the proposed deep geological repository (DGR) project with people in each potential location. They were temporarily closed this past March due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“We remain committed to protecting people and the environment and will continue to monitor advice from government and health authorities to ensure we are making appropriate adjustments to our plans as needed,” said Rachelle Davenport, relationship manager for the Northwest region at the NWMO.

The NWMO has trained their local staff on new procedures and safety protocols related to COVID-19. Under the new guidelines, only two visitors will be allowed in the Teeswater location at one time to accommodate physical distancing.

“We are here for our communities and we look forward to continuing the ongoing dialogue and answering your questions about Canada’s plan,” said Cherie Leslie, senior engagement advisor, Southwestern Ontario, at the NWMO.

The Municipality of South Bruce and the Township of Ignace are both involved in the NWMO’s site selection process for a DGR for Canada’s used nuclear fuel.