North Perth students vote Conservative in recent school election

NORTH PERTH – With the federal election now in the rearview mirror, CIVIX has released the results of the federal student vote.

CIVIX is a non-partisan, national registered charity dedicated to building the skills and habits of active and engaged citizenship among young Canadians. They conducted Student Vote to give students under the voting age an opportunity to experience the democratic process firsthand and practice the habits of informed and engaged citizens.

“When we started the campaign, we were unsure how many schools would participate given the limited time. Teachers have exceeded our expectations. We would like to thank teachers for dedicating time to the program and for helping educate future voters. Our democracy will be stronger because of you,” said Taylor Gunn, president and CEO of CIVIX Canada.

So, how did students in North Perth vote in comparison to the official results?

Elma Township Public School

A total of 44 votes were cast at Elma Township Public School, with 50 per cent (22) voting for Conservative John Nater. NDP candidate Kevin Kruchkywich picked up 20.45 per cent (9) of the votes, People’s Party of Canada candidate Wayne Baker finished third with 15.91 per cent (7) of the votes, and Liberal Brendan Knight scored 13.64 per cent (6).

Listowel Christian School

Nater dominated the vote at Listowel Christian School, picking up 17 of the 20 votes cast (85 per cent). Baker, Knight and Kruchkywich split the final three votes.

Listowel District Secondary School

No votes were recorded at LDSS, according to data released by CIVIX.

Listowel Eastdale Public School

Of the 24 ballots at Eastdale, Nater picked up 41.67 per cent (10) of the vote. Knight finished second with 25 per cent (6), Baker scored 20.83 per cent (5) and Kruchkywich picked up 12.5 per cent (3) of the vote.

North Perth Westfield Elementary School

A total of 155 ballots were cast at North Perth Westfield Elementary School. Students there also voted for Nater, who picked up nearly half of the vote (49.68 per cent, or 77 votes). Knight finished runner-up, scoring 25.81 per cent (40), Kruchkywich in third with 16.13 per cent (25) and Baker with the remaining 8.39 per cent (13).

St. Mary’s Catholic School

St. Mary’s also had a great turnout for the student vote, with 125 ballots cast. Nater once again took a majority of the vote, picking up 56 per cent (70). Kruchkywich was runner-up, obtaining 29.6 per cent (37) of the votes. Knight scored eight per cent (10) and Baker 6.4 per cent (8).

Regional numbers

Nater also won the riding, as voted by students across Perth-Wellington. However, his margin of victory was much closer than it was locally. He scored 37.68 per cent (892) of the vote; Kruchkywich finished as runnerup with 30.63 per cent (725). Knight was in third with 21 per cent (497) and Baker scored 10.69 per cent (253).

National data

More than 700,000 elementary and high school students across the country participated in Student Vote Canada.

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