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North Perth launches online marketplace for local businesses, shoppers

NORTH PERTH – The Municipality of North Perth has launched a new website that will allow local businesses to sell their products and services online. will allow businesses to sell their products and services online, similar to other online platforms like Etsy and Amazon.

The idea of a local e-commerce marketplace was born out of recent discussions between Mayor Todd Kasenberg, staff of the municipality, and local business and agriculture representatives.

“I am delighted to see this initiative off and running,” said Kasenberg.

“I believe more and more of our businesses need an online presence, and the COVID-19 pandemic period has punctuated this point. We’re taking action to see our transacting businesses survive in these troubled times, and thrive in the days to come. While our focus is now, we expect this to be a long-term economic development support.”

To comply with provincial emergency legislation and public health recommendations related to COVID-19, non-essential businesses had to close their storefront operations in late March/early April. Many businesses began to explore alternative payment and ordering processes to remain viable and ensure business cash-flow.

As businesses begin to re-open during Stage 2 of the Province’s Reopening Framework, e-commerce and remote payment and buying options will continue to be important.

The marketplace offers access to a diverse range of local businesses, including retail, farmgate, personal and professional services, agriculture, and much more.

As the marketplace gains familiarity amongst buyers, the municipality hopes that the number of business vendors using the site will also grow and put business in a great position for future growth. is free for vendors to join. This site will permit payment and delivery options that vendors specify in their profile. A small transaction fee for payment processing will go to a third-party payment interface, similar to credit card transactions.