Minto council supports severance proposal to split residential, agricultural land parcel

MINTO – Council here is recommending approval of a severance that would divide a parcel of land that straddles the border of Wellington and Perth counties at the south end of Palmerston.

A report from planning technician Ashley Sawyer to Minto council on Aug. 9 explains the property is located partially within the urban boundary of Palmerston on Queen Street South and partially outside of the urban boundary in the Municipality of North Perth on Road 157.

The 13.49-acre portion of the property within the urban boundary is presently designated by the County of Wellington’s Official Plan as residential and zoned residential (R2) by the Town of Minto, making it a residentially developable parcel.

The 56-acre portion within North Perth is presently designated and zoned as agricultural.

“The purpose of this consent application is to sever the agricultural land in North Perth from the residential land in Minto,” the report states.

“The portion within the urban boundary is currently zoned and designated as residential and has been subject to proposed residential development plans since at least the late 1970s,” said Sawyer.

“The entirety of the parcel was originally proposed for a draft plan of subdivision, however, the owners opted to sever three of those lots that front onto Queen Street in 1978, and some time thereafter the other three, so those six parcels that front onto Queen Street South, were once a part of this original farm parcel.”

Town staff note the intent for his property, since at least the late 1970s, has been for residential development and they have recently been advised of the intent for a development on the severed parcel within Palmerston.

“We haven’t received a formal concept plan to date and should the property be developed with more than a single unit, for severances or a draft plan of subdivision, it would be coming back before council for their consideration,” said Sawyer.

“This is simply to split the residentially-developable land that’s in Minto from the agricultural land in North Perth.”

Sawyer added staff recommend council support the severance application under consideration by Wellington County.

She noted the applicants, Carolyn, Jennifer, Scott and Wendy Logan, must also receive approval for the severance from Perth County.

Council approved a resolution supporting the requested severance.