Lucan Biddulph to extend water line to Nagle Drive

LUCAN BIDDULPH — After months of consideration concerning bringing a water line from Lucan to Nagle Drive near St. Patrick Catholic School, works manager Dave Kester brought a recommendation to Lucan Biddulph council to go forward with the project.

After unsuccessfully trying to interest other residents in the idea of running water lines to the area, the original 12 petitioners who requested bringing water to the area will benefit from hooking into the Lucan water system. The only drawback to this scenario will be the cost each of the 12 residences will incur to bring the piped water to them.

After discussion with the 12 homeowners who originally petitioned the municipality to bring pipe water to Nagle Drive, eight were in favour of going ahead with the project, two were against it and two did not respond. With a clear majority in favour of the pipeline, Kester recommended going forward.

He said there were two options for the pipe. One option is to bring a four-inch pipe along Richmond Street, then reduce the size to a two-inch line into Nagle Drive. That option will have a price tag of about $236,000. A second option is to bring a six-inch pipe along Richmond and that option would up the cost approximately $281,000, an increase of $45,000. This option would allow for future development and that cost would be paid by the municipality. That would leave a charge of about $19,700 for each homeowner.

Kester recommended all 12 residents be required to participate in the project.  He said Nagle Drive is operating on a communal well and once the piped in water is hooked in, the well would be decommissioned leaving every home without water if not connected to the pipeline.  The residents who operate the communal wells have said they do not want to operate it anymore.

Kester recommended that Lucan Biddulph go forward with the pipeline with all 12 residences participating. He recommended doing mapping over the winter and for staff to consider the methods that will be used to pay for the project and be ready in the 2018 to complete the construction.

Council approved going ahead with the mapping over the winter and agreed to research how the costs will be allocated and options available for the homeowners to pay the costs.