Chair of airport commission responds to article

Ms. Kerr,

The Saugeen Municipal Airport Commission is disappointed you would suggest justice has been delayed for a local pilot without pointing out justice was also denied for all pilots who use the airport (Justice delayed for local pilot, June 17 issue).

Mr. Englishman’s breach of safety protocols predates the current Airport Commission. His conviction by Transport Canada for driving his motor vehicle on the taxiway/runway on June 2, 2019 is now part of the public record.

Your article leaves the impression that the barrier in place preventing air access to Mr. Englishman’s hangar is linked to the current court case. This is not factual. That case pertains to events throughout the summer of 2019. The barrier was placed due to events that occurred in February of 2021. The judge’s ruling on the 2019 events will have no bearing on the placement of the barrier.

The Saugeen Municipal Airport safety protocols are governed by provincial and federal legislation. The airport commission also takes workplace harassment very seriously and will continue to take precautions to ensure the airport is a safe place for everyone.

The airport is a frequent stop for ministry planes, and air ambulance. The airport commission must place safety protocols at the focal point of everything we do. Despite reduced air traffic during COVID, the airport is thriving with new hangar builds, multiple inquires for new hangars, requests for homes with hangars, and a new fight school nearing completion. The commission has initiated investigations into establishing a six-kilometer walking trail around the perimeter of the airport, utilizing the existing rail and snowmobile trails, benefiting the broader communities that the airport serves. In all of these discussions, safety is the first consideration.


Dan Gieruszak 

Chair, Saugeen Municipal Airport Commission