Archived Letter – 638

Fat Cat Getting Fatter.
Recently I took my car to a local carwash. After inserting my money nothing happened. I pressed the refund button and received my money back minus a dollar. I re inserted the coins adding another loonie. Again nothing happened, and upon pressing the refund button, did not receive my money back. I looked everywhere to find a contact number. After visiting a neighboring business, I was told to look through one of the windows into the carwash to locate the ’emergency’ phone number. I called the number and left a message. I have yet to receive a return call despite numerous attempts. Interestingly enough I have discovered that the owner of this business has another business in Rockwood and is quite well known. It’s unfortunate when business owners become so disengaged in their community that a simple call to their customers is seen as a bother. It’s really not about the money; it is the lack of courtesy by a member of my community. I was told that other people were having difficulties with this carwash in the same week; I hope that they had more favorable results. I for one will not return.

anne porteous