Archived Letter – 637

March 16, 2014

Stinky …

Someone, and you know who you are, is making all dog owners look bad. You’ve been taking your beloved pet to run the trails and to the park to poop; and yes, it happens but you know it’s going to happen. When it happens once, it’s not too bad because nature will eventually take care of it. But when it happens 365 days in a row, little by little, a little bit become a LOT. The trail running off Bridge Street in both directions is especially bad. And by the evidence left, you feed your dog well. The piles of scat look as though a bull moose has dropped them. Now the trails are spoiled for cross-country skies, snowshoes, hikers and anyone who enjoys a walk. With the spring thaw, everyone’s walk is spoiled. Please get your act together, respect the environment. It’s your responsibility to pick up after your pet, wherever and whenever it defecates. Your neighbours do notice and do mind, even if you think they don’t. And if you are sending your kids out to walk the dog, have a conversation with them to solve this nasty problem.

J. Wiebe, Elora

Judy Wiebe