Archived Letter – 615

RE:Numbers Game: Letter to the editor from Richard Giles- Jan 17.
Richard: I had the same thought you did when reading about Scott Lawsons’ “disappointment” with the annual RIDE program.I got the impression that, for him, only a complete alcohol ban would suffice. I did my own numbers game with the stats in this weeks’ article: “Work needed to curb drinking and driving”. In the eight week RIDE program 12,459 people were stopped and 38 were charged with refusal,impaired or blowing over 0.08 BAC. The percentage is 0.30%,approx. one-third of one percent!It could be lower as some refused.So,12,459 (99.7%) were stopped and questioned to nab 38 (0.30%) who were charged with impaired.
Further in the article Mr. Lawson praises the people who chose “not to get behind the wheel when they’d consumed ANY amount of alcohol”!
Is prohibition the ultimate goal? You were correct to question what the level actually is: .05? .07? .079? There seem to be punishments for every level even when one is not technically breaking the law.I urge you and others to write to your MPP,MP, Minister of Justice and the PM, as I have, to express your concerns.You will not be viewed as defending drunks but defending your charter rights, specifically Legal Right # 8 which states :”Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search and siezure” Bill C-556 is currently before the House of Commons tabled by NDP MP Tarik Brahmi. C-556 advocates MANDATORY RANDOM Breathalyzer Tests. If this bill is alowed to pass what will be next? Searching a private citizens’ car, home or person?,sieze property? High River comes to mind. People need to stand up for their Charter Rights before they disappear.
D. Henschel

Doreen Henschel