Archived Letter – 613

Letter to the editor regarding legal tactics petition

This is to ask your readers to sign the legal tactics petition at
 This petition asks the Chief Justice of Canada to instruct judges they must decide cases upon justice rather than legal tactics, especially when they are deciding upon the well-being of a child.  The use of legal tactics can be soul-destroying.  As family breakups are frequent and often end up in court, this problem could easily have a future devastating impact on somebody close to you. 
 This petition is about morally challenged lawyers using tricks to get judges to ignore the law and make decisions which are unjust, unfair and often cruel.  Some examples are ignoring the principle that a person should have the right to answer to allegations against them, an unwritten law that men should not have emotions and the use of an injunction based on an appeal which all parties know will never happen.
 A detailed statement is on the link below or go to and search for “legal tactics”.  If you think justice is important, please read and sign the petition and please forward this message to as many people as you can.
Art Powell,
Enderby, B.C.

2373 Mabel Lake Road
Enderby, B.C.

Art Powell