Archived Letter – 591

Re: Wasted Money

I take issue with the caption “Wasted Money” in the performance of maintaining and treating roads,walks and parking lots in and around the Township, and of calling into question the validity of “making the call” under the circumstances of Nov.8. Applications have a lot more to do with actual conditions than with forcasted highs.
Overnight there was a possibility of pavement temperatures dipping below freezing and “just cause” to treat intersections and bridges. First of the season events are a perfect time for professional services to tweak their operations and do a run through to make sure their calculations are on the mark for the upcoming season.
Winter is unpredictable, safe operations are difficult to budgetize especially with the vastness and difference in conditions of the area covered. Our local Municipal and County Roads Depts maintain some 1300km between them. As a private contractor who is out in the worst winter has to offer, I can tell you they do an excellent job under such harsh scrutiny.

Markus Rabstein