Archived Letter – 586

Good Evening !

My apologies if this is not of any interest – and being in the media most of my life I can appreciate you get this thing all the time – in one form or another.

Since leaving the CTV Network I have run a successful production company just off of Guelph line _ which caters to International clients – producing commercials seen in over 80 countries.

The other day I came across a product which claims to make delicious hamburgers in home microwaves – that rival the taste of stove top or even grilled burgers!

So we plan to put that claim to the test next Monday afternoon at a popular burger and grill in downtown Acton – and film the results – to be included in a major commercial to air everywhere next month! :))

Time is 3 o’clock
Place is Rallis Burger and Grill, 294 Queen Street Acton
Why? Just for the fun of it!

Thanks for listening! :))


Tino Monte