Archived Letter – 581

Dear Editor:

Would you please reprint Ted Arnott’s article ‘Gas Plant Debacle’ once more, for the sake of those who haven’t had the chance to read it yet, please?

Amazingly by mentioning only one of the many malfunctions produced by our Liberal government, Mr. Arnott makes it very clear which direction this great province is headed with them as our leaders. One billion dollars for a nonexistent gas operation is a lot of money people, lets not shrug this off. They have most certainly lost their moral right to govern and definitely do not deserve the right to be in power, EVER!

This then raises the ultimate question, who does deserve it? Are the Conservatives or NDP any better? Are we going to continue voting in party after part knowing the end result is the same? We see countless times in our Ontarian past the abuse that has gone on. Bad stewards of money running the whole show time and time again.

Well I say enough is enough. No more billion dollar mistakes, no more support for the major industries that should be able to support themselves, and NO MORE LYING! I know from experience, lying is not the answer. Holes are dug deeper with forked tongues and no matter who you are you always fall in them.

I’m even thinking about giving up my right to vote, what’s the point? Oh, but those around me say, “then you don’t have the right to say anything about our government.” But that’s where they are wrong. I DO have the right, simply base on the fact that I am an honest tax paying Canadian citizen.

This country needs help and our system of democracy needs change. We could benefit from a slight evolution in the parliamentary way we do things. What we have now is broke and we need to fix it!

There’s a problem though. Many believe what we have ain’t broke. It’s just a little dirty or it could be worse. Well I would agree about that too but I would also say it could be better, much better! With the right people involved, democracy could actually work more efficiently.
With less complicated solutions to simple problems, it could be great. With no corruption, well, that would make it euphoric. What we have now is too many delinquents getting voted in and working their way into the crevasses of our very existence on an individual scale.

On the other hand, we as citizens need to do our part and live honest lives respecting and (dare I say it) loving our neighbours no matter the cost. This is why I will continue to vote and pay my taxes. This is also why I will continue to roll with the punches when the cost of living goes up, namely hydro, due to our delinquents. I am just sick and tired of getting mad every time I read the paper. Mayors suing towns??? Who does that?

It’s time for change.

Doug Vanderveen,

Doug Vanderveen