Archived Letter – 580

Dear Mr. Editor;
Re: High Hydro Rates

I totally concur with Mr. Roest. I have several rental properties and the ultimate and constant concerns of my tenants are the energy costs. (Don’t forget, when Hydro rates go up, so do all the cheques to the hundreds of thousands of people on some type of government assistance.)

It astounds me that no attempt has been made to lower these rates-and of course why should the utilities lower the rates when they are a monopoly or at least an oligopoly.

If the presidents and division managers could show a small
amount of humility and lessen the number of employees in a department, everyone would save money. For instance, how
about introducing “CUB”. Central utility billing. One central department doing the billing for all the utilities;
not 3 or 4 utilities all with their own billing and
receivable departments. So utterly simple–one bill, one contact, one department.

C’mon Mr. Hydro and Mr. Gas and Mr. Water show some honour and humility and eliminate the useless duplication that impacts all our wallets.

Jim McClure
Crieff, Ontario.

Jim McClure