Archived Letter – 479

Centre Wellington is the safest community in Canada. So I’m confused as to why all the media articles on the subject and indeed on the County of Wellington’s own web page seek comment from and heap praise on the local OPP. This is not an award for effective policing but recognition of an entire community’s effort to create a safe place to live for which, at best, the OPP is a small contributor.

A safe community is made up of all levels of government that help to provide quality housing and income support to those who need it. Social services like addiction counselling and job placement programs so crime doesn’t have to be an option. Its teachers who take the time to help a troubled student. A coach who sets a positive example for a team of kids. A successful business that keeps our citizens employed and indeed, everyone who supports their local food bank, sports programs and churches.

So thank you and congratulations to the citizens of Wellington County. Together we have made Wellington County the safest place to live in Canada.

Allan Hons