Archived Letter – 457

On Dec 24th, 2012 at 8:30 pm while the cheers and festivities of Christmas Eve rang thru countless homes around the world, my father, Frank Ronald Smith, took his final breath and passed away. He was lying comfortably and serenely in his bed, while I held vigil with his grandchildren. His residence for the past two years was 450 Queen St E at the Caressant Care Nursing home in Fergus Ont. There was so much beautiful and heartfelt care that surrounded him in his last few days I am compelled to write this message of gratitude to the amazing staff of professionals who work at Caressant Care, in every capacity of service. To say that this home has gone beyond the call of duty is too formal, because the extra care and concern that I have always felt has never been delivered as an aspect of duty. It is quite simply a wonderful characteristic of this home to be genuinely compassionate and down to earth. And as one who was employed in years past as a homecare worker, I know that you cant really teach this part of care-giving. It either is, or isnt, in the nature of the person giving care. Caressant Care has so many naturally kind people on its staff. When my Dads last few months were so hard because of his illness, I myself was comforted by the level of sincere care he was shown. From the deepest place in my heart, and on behalf of Franks family and friends I want to thank you all for the memories you allowed and the memories you created for my Dad. You truly made him feel at home there. Sincerely, Sharon Smith

Sharon C. Smith