Archived Letter – 456

Dear Editor Re: Beyond Midnight, Bits and Pieces by Barrie Hopkins(Dec 14) I am a member of Writers Unite in Drayton. Our homework assignment due in Jan 2013 is to write a letter to the editor. Reading your column, Beyond Midnight, inspires me to write my letter about Barrie Hopkins and the challenges of writing. I can identify with all your comments about writing. My best writing is done in the darkest hours. I also get inspiration during the daylight hours.The wheels in my mind continually turn, creating story after story. Frustration sets in when I don’t have access to a pen and paper to record my ideas. Creative works are lost and usually do not return. As a deadline nears and writers block rears its ugly head, my mind is blank. The paper sits empty and the pen is idle. Other times the pen flows easily across the paper, creating what I think is a masterpiece. Thank you sharing your challenges as a writer.Please continue to rattle off sufficient words to fill your space every week. The happenings on your farm make me feel like I’m a part of your family. Keep writing,cause we like your writing Caroline Sealey (a fellow writer) Drayton

Caroline Sealey