Archived Letter – 446

My name is Michelle Johnson and I’m in grade twelve at Centre Wellington District High School. I have been noticing some changes due to teacher’s fight with the government over their contract. I don’t fully agree with the government though I feel the teachers are using their students as pawns to get their way. By closing down additional help centres they are ultimately causing students to suffer greatly and us graduating students need as much help as we can get to bring our grades up for impressing colleges and universities. There have also been field trips cancelled and rumors they will be cancelling our up coming dances. I understand these are additional things that have been added to our schools by the teachers though I feel that taking these things away from the students isn’t right. Especially considering us students are not old enough to vote for the government who we are being used to win against. Overall I urge the government and our teachers to come to an agreement so that the students of this province will stop being punished for something they cannot control and our schools can go back to normal.

Michelle Johnson