Archived Letter – 435

“Chong does not represent me when he votes to turn back the clock on the gains made by women over the last 40 years; gains that have made it possible for us to control our own reproductive lives.” Margaret Manwaning Wellington Advertiser Letter to the Editor Fri.Oct.5.2012 Dear Editor I am writing to express opposition to Margaret Manwaning’s letter to the editor and express my absolute approval to Mr. Chong’s vote in favor of M-312. Even though his judgement was guided by the gender selection issue, which is the tip of an enormous ice berg, he still did the right thing. I say the ‘right thing’ because no matter what the gender abortion is just wrong. Margaret believes she needs the control over her own reproductive life. I’ve got news for Margaret. The control begins before intercourse. If there is a growing fetus in your body you have already reproduced. So now you have moved into a whole new category of life altogether, which I might add includes someone else’s life namely the child growing in your womb. There needs to be more education about being responsible for your own actions not education on gender equality, which Margaret claims. This isn’t about women’s rights anymore. This is a debate about men and women and there right to live. Abortion eliminates even the possibility for that right to live. To have an abortion, whether the woman decides or the man decides has to be one of the most selfish things anyone can do! Margaret’s reasoning is only because she says she needs the control? I think what ever you believe, whether God is the center of your life or science, you should simply look at the facts and come to the same conclusion that there is something living inside you when pregnant. Now, if your not so sure that life begins at conception like myself, then you may debate when it begins. Either way it has already begun in the womb. Mr. Chong DOES represent me when he votes to turn the clock forward on the gains made for babies; gains that will save lives, not murder them. Doug Vanderveen Belwood

doug vanderveen