Archived Letter – 428

I am writting on the behalf of most single parents in the world.I was reading an article on the internet about an new wedsite dedicated to deadbeat dads and i was offened by the fact that i have been raising 2 boys on my own with no support or help from the my kids mother for 8 years.I work a full time job plus a part time job to give my kids the same opportunities that a dual income house can provide without having the luxury of a second income.I am fighting an up hill battle to get custody of my kids even though their mother cannot provide the basic living essentials to have her kids there(bed,food,emotionally,etc).I believe this is a 2 way street not just fathers are the “bad guys”.For me to start court proceedings i will have to come up with $5,000 to start and she will be receiving legal aid,i will be losing time off work plus lawyer fees and she will lose nothing.This $5,000 could pay for my kids college in the future or 1 of the many expenses that come with raising kids.I would really like to shed some light on the injustice in this country of providing a free ride to mothers/fathers that cant be bothered to be a productive person in society and wash their hands clean of parenting.I am a child of a broken home and have witnessed the struggles of one parent sacrificing to provide the closest to a normal life we can get in the situation.I am upset that the one that is the provider and works for a living is the one paying the bill in court no matter what the circumstances.This is not a gender discrimination this is a parental discrimination why is it always “deadbeat dad”?Thank you for your time i hope next time deadbeat comes up its not always a the dad that get the brunt of it.

Adam Roberts