Archived Letter – 421

Please note that this letter had adult/inappropriate language – please feel free to edit as necessary. However, I feel that this story/experience needs to be told! Dear Editor: I am noticing a lot of dangerous and erratic drivers on our Fergus roadways, people who do not abide by the rules of the road and are in rush to get where they are going. The past 2 weeks, I have almost been involved in 3 accidents with people who are not stopping at red lights or stop signs; instead using them as yield signs. An example of this is yesterday, August 30: I was driving on Belsyde Street and as I was coming through the intersection of Belsyde and St.David Street, a man in a 2012 Silver Hyundai Sante-Fe pulled out directly in front of me (turning right), having me to slam on my breaks and nearly rear-ending him. I was not sure if he had seen me or not. Coincidentally, we were both headed to Shoppers Drug Mart. Here, I thought would be my opportunity and speak with him and let him know how close I was to hitting him. When I approached the older man, he accused me of riding too close to his bumper and trying to beat him to the closest parking spot. When I told him that he had cut me off and nearly caused an accident, he immediately became angry and told me to F*** off! and proceeded to physically block my entrance into the drug store. I could not believe what I had just heard and at this point felt physically threatened, I said excuse me wanting to remove myself from the situation and go into the store the man continued to yell at me and say Yeah, you wh***, I told you to f*** off! Why dont you go home and bother your husband. By this point, I have already walked into the store, as he is yelling at me, causing people to stop and stare. I was mortified and could only reply with you are going to cause an accident and he continued to say to me F*** you, you A**hole. He had walked away and left me with the few people who were watching and I simply explained to them that this older man had cut me off on the road and did not like to be called out on his misdemeanors. I was extremely shocked of the lack of support from the store employees and the bystanders who had witnessed his verbal abuse. I guess that they were not sure what to think of a mid-seventies year old man yelling at an eight month pregnant woman. All I know is that I am bringing in another life into this world in the next month, into this town and I have the right to feel safe when I am driving my vehicle. I am just thankful that there was not a pedestrian crossing St.David Street at that time; I think the outcome would have been more severe than an older man yelling at me in a public place. But to the man who was involved in this altercation Please drive safely, stop at red stop lights, be aware of the traffic that surrounds you and if someone approaches you to offer a suggestion; dont cuss at them and cause a scene, instead take the criticism and continue on with your day. I did! E. OGorman, Fergus

Emily O’Gorman