Archived Letter – 410

Whats in a Name? As the park on the corner of Mill and Metcalfe nears completion, Id like to see the space remain open to interpretation just like the art it houses. I first became involved with the creation of the park through meetings held by the People for the Park. At these meetings I met many different people who all came together with the common goal of seeing the corner transformed into something beautiful. These meetings made me feel that the park is more than just a green space; it is a representation of the inclusive community that exists within Elora. This park will represent all those who live, work and visit Elora. It is with this notion of inclusiveness that I would like to suggest the park remain nameless. I am aware leaving the park nameless may not be realistic, since it needs to be identifiable on maps and such. However, I would then suggest keeping the name simple and to the point, something along the lines of Mill St. Green or Peoples Space.

Maddy Smith