Archived Letter – 391

I have read with interest the issue in Erin Township with respect to “procedure and policy for staff celebrations for milestones reached” (Linda Hass Retirement party) and the increase of benefit entitlements of both staff and council of group benefits from age 65 to age 70. Hello people we are in an era of austerity.For some reason this current ecconomic climate seems to be lost on the council and employees we pay the cost for as tax payers in Erin Township. Do our councillors not read about the bankruptcy issues in governments in various American municipalities and cities due to benefit entitlements they cannot afford to pay to the retirees or continue to fund for existing employees? Do the employees or should I refer to them as staff not understand that we tax payers for the most part are looking at ways of reducing our own discretionary spending in order to maintain paying for our costs of living which include increasing municipal taxes? I do not begrudge our municipal employees making a fair wage and I believe they work hard on our behalf and deserve recognition. I do have a problem with attitudes that seem to be entrenched in the past and do not acknowledge the realities of our current ecconomic problems, high instances of unemployment, particularly in our youth demographic, an errosion of the middle class and not much leadership promissing that these conditions will change. Please stop rationalizing the cost of retirement parties and incease in benefits by trying to belittle us doing the math to justify the cost of these entitlements by relating them as a costs to a percentage of household, I would prefer my $0.49 per rate payer to be spent for the benefit of the community not to pay for dental care for a retiring councillor or staff member from age 66 to age 70 or to fund a retirment party from funds specicifically earmarked for miscellaneous materials and supplies when we might need this money for unexpected repairs and or infrastructure, or community support that is needed in the township. There I’ve said my piece.

Janet Feairs