Archived Letter – 385

In her statement against raw milk, Glenna R. Smith quotes Dr. Murray McQuigge as stating in 2007 ” Unpasteurized milk is one of the most dangerous sources of food borne diseases known to mankind.”This coming from the man who was the Medical Officer of Health during the e-coli outbreak in Walkerton’s town water that sickened 2,300 people and killed 7.In light of this, why does he not tell us to stop drinking untreated water? We all know water itself is not dangerous,it is only dangerous if it becomes contaminated.Raw milk is the same way. The milk itself is not dangerous unless it becomes contaminated. To suggest all milk must be pasteurized, is like saying all drinking water must be chlorinated. Some people prefer to drink fresh well water, rather than chlorinated town water,and some people also prefer to drink fresh raw milk rather than pasteurized milk. A lot of things have changed since 1896 when the Womens Institute was pushing for mandatory pasteuriztion. We now have the abiltity to test for pathogens,and also have the technology to safely preserve fresh milk during it’s trip from the farm to the consumer. If the Womens Institute wants to stay relevant,they should focus on ways to combat the burgeoning health issues of todays children, rather than rest on their laurels of past accomplishments.

Brad Martin