Archived Letter – 380

About the changes to the EI benifits how are construction companies and other seasonal bussiness going to keep their work forces. How are the workers going to be able to find work in the off season because no one is going to hire any one that is only going to work a couple of months untill they are called back to their normal jobs. Also are these companies going to have to hire new people every year. You think that it takes forever now to get a road fixed or your drive way paved or a pool put in. now how much longer is it going to take if every year they have to train new workers. I can not imagine any company being able to afford that. So the way I see it there is not going to be any construction workers to fix the roads, no one to pave your new drive way and that pool you want to put in well i guess you are going to have to cool of in the tub. So now all the skilled workers that used to work very hard every summer are now serving you coffee. Oh and you are going to spill your coffee when you hit the unrepaired pot hole in the road that no one is able to fix.

J Kenny