Archived Letter – 361

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mary Walker who is a Veterinarian at the Heartland Veterinary Care in Drayton.In this day and age we do not come across that many people who will go “that extra mile”anymore. Mary Walker is certianly the exception.She is kind , compassionate and was more concerned with my poor dog Storm’s health then the almighty dollar.After contacting almost all of Wellington County trying to have a vet see my dog was impossible.I begged and pleaded with most of them to let me give them a post dated cheque (3 days),each and every one of them said simply “NO”.My heart is broken after losing my dog of 10 years,but at least I can still feel enough compassion and good will to write this letter and let others know that without a doubt Mary Walker and the staff at Heartland is the Vet we would all like to take our 4 legged friends to.Thank You Mary Walker and Heartland in Drayton for your your understanding and kindness. Angela Smith in Arthur

Angela Smith