Archived Letter – 359

Roads, roads, roads. As per the 2012/2013 budget, the only road getting reconstructed in Elora this year is Princess Street between Church Street & Colbourne Street….hmmmm. We all have a right as taxpayers to have nice roads to drive on, but what about some of the other roads in town that are in far worse condition? How many thousands of dollars were spent last year on the beutification of Victoria Park?…what about fixing up James Street, Victoria Crescent & Smith Street., all leading to this beautiful park that even the horse & buggies could loose a wheel driving on? Is this the impression that you want to leave on the tourists of our beautiful village? I for one who lives on one of these streets has had to deal with a huge pothole (more like a sink hole) at the end of my driveway that my car bottoms out on any time I come or go that has only ever been filled in with gravel as a quick fix, only to be washed away within a month and re-appear. Shouldn’t the worst roads take presedence over roads with only minor problems? I would like to see the list of roads in Elora slotted for reconstruction over the next ten years. We need 78 million dollars in infrastructure improvement & we are spending 3.5 million this year. At this rate we will never be done. We need council to explain this to us, the taxpayers. How are you planning to fix all of our growing problems??

Heather Ewing