Archived Letter – 358

I read with intrest a letter from Micheal D. Vasil a former employee of Air Canada for 32 years. On some things I agree with Captain Vasil, Goverment has no right to intefere with the bargening process in private industry. However having said that I think that Air Canada is an exception in this case. In times when our country is a risk of falling over the side in what could be considered a very fraigle economey I think that the Goverment has a duty to bring all the people involved to heel for the good of all the Country.One thing that Capitan Vasil failed to mention is that the people of Canada got tired of Unions bossing them around and now the Unions would be hard pressed to get any support from the public for their cause. Had unions acted responsable in the past to the public and their employers it might be a diffrent story today. Must we recall the post Office ,Teachers, Railroad workers, Dock workers,and of coarse the Auto Workers, plus other unions that never gave a thought to there fellow Canadians when they went on strike when they had the power and now they are asking we the public now to give them support and sympthy. Like they say about power and other things “you abuse it you loose it” so I guess the chickens have come home to roost on the unions and have put Canadians in a mind of supporting the Goverment even if it makes the average Canadian swallow hard. We the people will deal with the Goverment when this crisis is over and the Goverment better remember that. Ted Stevens

Ted Stevens