Archived Letter – 325

I am a parent of a 3-year-old Rockwood boy. In a few weeks, I will have to register him for Junior Kindergarten. I have always intended on sending my son to Guelph for French Immersion (FI), however, in light of the recent decisions made by the Upper Grand District School Board, my son will now be reassigned to Brisbane. This decision has given me no choice but to abandon my hopes for French Immersion; Brisbane is just too far. Although my son has now lost the opportunity to attend an accessible FI programme, I am happy for my fellow community members. The Board has granted Out-of-Area accommodation for current French Immersion students from Rockwood, Everton and Eden Mills. These students will be granted two years at King George Public School in Guelph. Young siblings of these students will also be granted Out-of-Area until 2014. My son, unfortunately, does not qualify because he does not have an older sibling in the French Immersion track. I cant help but wonder how many other families in Rockwood, Everton or Eden Mills share my situation. The Rockwood, Everton and Eden Mills parents are working hard to collaborate with the Board to determine the potential for a dual-track school in Rockwood. At the earliest, it would open in 2014. I wish them all the best, yet I am saddened that my son will have missed the boat. If all new JK enrolments were permitted to be held together at King George until 2014, I would then be able to consider French Immersion as a real option for my son. I am asking you, Sir, to please keep our community of young children together so that we all have the option of enrolling them in French Immersion. Olivia Morreale

Olivia Morreale