Archived Letter – 309

RE:Cheap Healthcare? by Andrew A. Horn, MD, FERGUS Mr. Horn, sorry, Dr. Horn seems to miss the mark here. It doesn’t matter if our healthcare is cheaper than that of the US. It’s the quality that is the problem. Wait times? You bet Dr. Horn. They are incredible! I have been sick for over a week with a virus, twice having to go to the local hospital emergency due to high fever. Know how long I waited Dr. Horn? First time, 3 hours, second time 4!!! Four hours Dr. Horn! Know why? Because there was nobody there! My spouse and I spent an hour and a half being the only living souls in the entire emergency room. Not even a nurse. Now why is that? You know why Dr. Horn? Because we Ontario residents have bent over, schmoozed, and cajoled doctors into this province, only to have them come and go when they feel like it. I know they work long hours, etc etc etc. Who doesn’t? I work 50-65 a week myself, and then some more when I get home. Doctors aren’t alone, and are ridiculously overpaid to do so. Perhaps if we hadn’t been wasting our taxdollars so much on these doctors, and instead hired more nurses that actually do work, we wouldn’t have wait times. In closing, if you think the US system for profit over health is so much better, don’t let the Canadian border door hit you on the butt on the way out sir. Obviously, like most doctors, you are only in it for the money. No thank you. We have way too many doctors like that in Ontario now and that sir is the problem.

L Friest