Archived Letter – 307

Dear Editor, It has been two years now since the traffic circle (roundabout) was built at the intersection of Metcalfe, McNab and Victoria streets and County Road 21 in Elora. My wife and I travel through this intersection at least 4 times per day, often with our child in the vehicle. At first when the circle was opened to traffic we observed the majority of drivers approaching it with either total confusion and apprehension of how to navigate it, or even more disconcerting….an apparent total disregard for it’s existence….just blast on through! We expected that over time the public’s ability to properly and safely maneuver this circle would improve, but after two years the public is sadly driving through the same or maybe even worse. People are largely either lazy or simply inconsiderate of others and have no desire to actually learn the proper way to pass through a traffic circle…and yes this includes using your signal and yielding right-of-way sometimes! I believe the County and Township should be emphasizing this with more direct mailings or somehow educating the driving public about this serious safety concern. The county does have an excellent animated illustration that shows proper signalling and right-of-way on their website below: Also, since this is a basic issue of following the law, maybe th epolice shoudl monitor this intersection fro a while…I think they would be amazed! As a father driving through this intersection regularly with a child in the car, I ask the public to PLEASE take a look at this information and try to learn how to go through safely. Thanks,

Mark Walker