Archived Letter – 306

Dear Wellington Advertiser, We, the Canadian people, are asking for your help in reference to a tainted food item. During the days and weeks of Occupy, it is easy to see and understand the frustration of being governed by big business, money makers, takers and scandals. We seem to be a country where values, integrity and morals are low. Especially were animals and big money are involved. What scares up the most it that our government is involved in industry that puts public health at risk? I am a supporter of the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition, and we have been working relentlessly to educate our Members of Parliament across Canada on the horrors associated with horse slaughter and the potential of a huge health problem. On October 5, 2011, Alex Atamanenko tabled Private Members Bill C-322 proposing to shut down the slaughtering of horses for human consumption in Canada. This is proof that government is aware of the problem but doesnt want to shut down an industry that makes them money! Here is Bill C-322: This bill was introduced to stop Canada from exporting a dangerous food item to our European friends. The fact is that there is very limited demand for horsemeat in Canada. Canada exports horsemeat to the European market. An audit was asked for by CHDC and carried out by the Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) in Canada from November 23 to December 6, 2010. The objective of the audit was to evaluate the capacity of the Canadian authorities to implement and to enforce the sanitary measures and the control systems in respect to animals for human consumption intended for export to the European Union (EU). The audit was carried out under the good fellowship of the Agreement between the European Community and Canada on sanitary measures to protect public health and animal health. Here is a copy of the Report: The Executive Summary, page one, highlights problems with US horses not having the appropriate drug history paperwork. So, Canada has no reliable source to guarantee that these horses that were slaughtered in Canada were safe for human consumption. What a huge risk to our European friends!!! This report has just recently been made public and the question arises as to why did the European Commission not shut our equine slaughterhouses down due to the huge health risk? Seriously, Why? Occupy Canada: big business, trade, money makers, scandal, etc!! Health risk is not bigger than the dollar yet? I wonder if our European friends are aware of what they are eating. Quote from the report:The control system in place in Canada for verification of the current use of substances in horses to be slaughtered as specified in Council Directive 96/23/EC is inadequate. The Central Competent Authority (CCA) discussed options of limiting the slaughter of horses due to the poor drug tracking system. Many more details on pages 12 through 20. Canadian authorities quickly put together last year an unreliable means of tracking their Canadian horses. Horse people around the globe know that it is impossible to track a horses drug history because the horse is not born as a food item. It does not have producers. It lives a healthy, drug given life, and then unfortunately is given a label of food item from an irresponsible owner that no longer wants the horse and has a means of disposal that means of disposal is our Canadian slaughterhouses. Our Canadian government thinks 6 months will fix the problem, but health reports show that many of the banned substances have no withdrawal time which means 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, it doesnt matter there is a health risk! Proof of horsemeat toxicity can be found in this recent scientific paper titled Association of Phenylbutazone usage with horses bought for slaughter: A public health risk: Other drug related reports: To be conscious is to be aware of how ones impact affects everything. Its time we quit trying to justify our less than conscious and honourable actionsand instead, stand up and say, enough is enough. This is a new era, the new era Canadian is seeking values. Canadians seek out businesses that honour and respect people, nature, animals, the planet. Canadians are seeking consciousness and integrity. We are asking if you could help inform the public of a health risk for them and our European friends and/or just discuss the controversy surrounding horse slaughter and banned substances. The NDP and Green party with passion will be supporting Bill C-322 which will end horse slaughter in Canada and end the risk of health complications to any human being. We are still waiting for the Conservatives and Liberals to let go of a dirty industry by giving their support. Warmest regards, Marie Dean 1738 Conc 5 Townsend, RR1 Waterford, ON N0E 1Y0 519-443-5455 Email: And the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition: Web: Mail: Blog: Facebook:

Marie Dean